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Portrait of Simon Mattaj, DEI expert at Scholz & Friends
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Scholz & Friends measures its DEI culture with the go:diversity program

Simon Mattaj is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategist at Scholz & Friends. Together with his team, he rolled out ID37’s go:diversity program at the agency's Hamburg location. In the following interview, he explains why the program has proved so relevant. 
CMC is the first Georgian customer won by ID37 business partner EVA

Modern recruiting at the largest construction management company in Georgia

CMC is the first Georgian customer won by ID37 business partner EVA. The growing construction management company uses the ID37 personality analysis for recruiting as well as personnel development. Two HR managers at CMC have received their ID37 Master certificate.
ID37 personality profile in professional sport

ID37 in professional sport: Motivating the individual to increase team performance

The work of a coach in professional sport can only lead to peak performance if it is in tune with the individual personality of each athlete. An example taken from professional soccer shows how a young player was able to overcome his insecurity by applying the ID37.

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