There are

billions of unique personalities in the world

Each one of them is effectual and highly motivated. And yet, not every individual is able to realize their full potential. Today, there is an effective means of discovering your inner motives so that you can tap your natural abilities.

ID37 personality assessment

ID37 is an empirically based personality assessment system that uses 16 life motives in generating precise personality profiles. Imagine ID37 as a kind of compass that helps you navigate your way through your own identity. The insights you gain regarding what motivates you and your potential will help you improve your capacity for self-determined action, derive greater satisfaction from life and increase the pleasure you take in achieving goals. 

Individuals who know themselves well are better at handling the challenges that life inevitably presents us with. They are also more capable of understanding how and why other people are different. This two-fold insight makes it possible for us to improve our self-direction, communicate more effectively, engage in healthier relationships and acquire greater empathy. These skills are highly valuable to people in leadership positions – as well as for our ability to cooperate and coexist as human beings in society more broadly.

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16 motives that drive our behavior

The ID37 personality profile displays the extent to which each of the 16 so-called life motives in an individual are expressed. These life motives are what drive behavior and the expression of needs. They provide reliable information about why a person acts in certain ways, what they consider important in life and what habits they develop in order to achieve their goals. This information helps us understand what it takes for a person to feel satisfied, effectual and able to master the challenges they face.


Desire for knowledge, insight and intellectual challenges

Social Acceptance

Desire for affirmation and acceptance from others


Desire for control and influence over people and processes


Desire for prestige and a prominent position in society


Efforts to acquire and preserve possessions and other resources


Desire for independence from the expectations and influence of others

Social participation

Desire for social interaction and contact with other people


Desire for conformity with the social norms of a particular social group or society as a whole

Social engagement

Commitment to those people who are suffering or disadvantaged, as well as to a more just society


Desire to structure one’s surroundings in simple and consistent terms


Desire for a quiet and secure life


Desire for retribution for any injustice experienced

Physical exercise

Desire for movement and physical activity

Food enjoyment

Desire for enjoyable experiences in association with food intake


Desire to cultivate a caring and tight-knit familial network


Desire for sensual, erotic experiences and an active, fulfilled sex life

Understanding your behavior – and changing it

ID37 personality profiles help us recognize and better understand recurring patterns of behavior. Each assessment is set up in such a way that it can be used to guide you through change processes or processes of personal development, and help you in making important life decisions.


Personal development with ID37:
The key to a successful future

ID37 is a motives-based personality diagnostics tool designed for use by organizations, consultants, coaches and individuals looking to have an impact on transformative measures, to advise people in processes of change or to simply better understand themselves in order to grow and manage their own behavior. ID37 solutions are successful because they are tailored to fit each individual’s inner potential – and because they begin at the root of a given behavior itself. 

Find your perfect role 

Professional satisfaction is essential to lasting performance. ID37 helps you harmonize your personal goals with your professional role within a company – and with the role in your personal life that suits you.

Cultivate empathy

The ID37 personality profile helps in explaining why people fall into the same patterns of behavior time and again. It assists in identifying, addressing and avoiding potential conflicts and conflict situations.

Lead with impact

Effective leaders are those who can lead themselves as well as others -- and thereby improve overall group performance. ID37 allows you to see your own personality more clearly. This ability is key to understanding others and fostering their development.

Foster team performance

Mutual respect and understanding are essential to high-performing and highly motivated teams. ID37 helps us identify similarities and differences, tap the potential within each individual, and effectively distribute roles and tasks. This, in turn, leverages the diversity within a team for optimal outcomes.

Learn with impact

Traditional “one-fits-all” training sessions are outdated. Their scope is usually too broad and they often don’t take into account individual learning preferences. As a result, they are largely ineffective. ID37 provides a solid basis for the design of effective training sessions and the development of new training concepts.

Enhance talent management

Talent management is becoming increasingly important in the area of Human Resources. The ID37 personality assessment ensures an optimal fit between employees and companies throughout the entire HR cycle – from the search for candidates to staff retention and the cultivation of talent.

Prepare for the future

Experts predict that the jobs of the future will require a large degree of empathy and insight into human nature. ID37 makes it possible for everyone to expand their self-knowledge, enhance their people skills and prepare for the working environments of the future.

New challenges?

People with profound insight into what makes other people tick can solve a wide range of problems. This is exactly where ID37 comes in.

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The ID37 personality assessment is based on 16 so-called life motives that precisely describe the individual personality. ID37 is one of only few methods that is scientifically sound, easy to use and that does not type.

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ID37 Masters use each individual’s profile to map out that person’s unique personality, their inner drives and the potential that derives from their combined motives. This is often the first step in developing a customized approach to effective change and development processes.

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The protection and use of your data

Data protection has top priority at ID37, and our company is committed to carefully handling your personal data. This means we are absolutely transparent with regard to which data is used for which purpose, and we also give our users sovereignty over their own data: by means of your own ID37 account, you can access you own data and determine what happens with it. Further information can be found in our data protection policy or requested directly from us.


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