Psychology and love – perfect partners

Many families, friends and couples are familiar with Vertellis' question-based card games, which serve to inspire deep conversations. In 2020, the Dutch startup goes a step further, launching a new product that draws on the ID37 digital personality assessment to help couples better understand the psychology behind their relationships, and thus become even closer.

Bart Kloosterhuis, Vertellis co-founder
Our customers want to know more about themselves. We offer them exactly that with the ID37 personality test. The integration of a scientifically grounded component is a perfect expansion to our spectrum of products, and enriches our customers' relationships.
Bart Kloosterhuis, Vertellis co-founder


How can relationships be placed on a firmer footing? 

The Dutch company, which has successfully sold its conversation-starter cards worldwide, is constantly on the lookout for product ideas that express the spirit of the times while also improving interpersonal relationships: “Genuine connections in our digital world,” is Vertellis’ mission.


Relationships between couples, psychologically explained

Vertellis develops the “Love+ Bundle,” which helps couples get to know one another better at a deep level, and enables them to have very personal conversations about their relationship. Designed for two people, the bundle is based on the ID37 analysis. The partners each create their own personality profile, thus getting to know themselves better and expanding their view of one another. The precision of the scientifically grounded test gives each participant a much deeper understanding of their partner in the relationship. 

Understanding the personality makes all the difference

In addition to the personality tests, which are carried out on the ID37 platform, the “Love+ Bundle” includes a digital guidebook, a journal and a set of Vertellis cards for couples, providing plenty of inspiration to engage more deeply with and pay attention to one another. For their part, customers provide Vertellis with considerable positive feedback. They see great value in the ID37 couples comparison, which they say triggers new insights and builds confidence. Many say they welcome the intense experience. 


Easily achieved: happy customers 

To get an advance feel for the product’s reception, Vertellis launches the “Love+ Bundle” as a limited release in its home market in the Netherlands, as well as in Germany. The early versions sell out after a comparatively modest marketing campaign which includes:

  • An email campaign for the product launch
  • An email action campaign for Valentine’s Day 
  • Facebook ads directed to specific target groups for a Valentine’s Day promotion

Spurred on by the success and customer feedback, Vertellis will continue to focus on offers that strengthen relationships – including with the company itself. The ID37 personality assessment will play a role here, because experience has shown that the more precise the description of the personality, the easier it is to make connections – both to one’s own self and to others. 

Success story: How ID37 personality assessment helps Vertellis

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