Successful self-guidance thanks to self-awareness

An experienced management consultant provides her clients with outstanding service. She has a knack for large projects, and is often called in for delicate missions. She is financially secure, and can pick and choose her contracts.

Sybille Liken, management consultant
I’m now an expert in the subject of myself. Thanks to my ID37 personality assessment, I can immediately recognize why something isn’t working for me. I used to have sparring partners. Now I can help myself.
Sybille Liken, management consultant


How can the dilemma be resolved? 

The self-employed management consultant is approached with a job by one of her most important clients. It involves supporting the company’s executives as they lay off 10,000 employees. After receiving this project request, the consultant feels internally conflicted. She feels the offer to be immoral, and cannot decide whether she should accept it or not. 


Personality assessment as a basis for self-awareness 

The consultant turns to ID37 Master and ID37 company founder Thomas Staller for aid. In the first session, they agree to carry out the ID37 personality assessment. The consultant’s dilemma starts to become clear during the personal assessment session. On the one hand, she is attracted by the challenge associated with the project. In addition, the fact that the client trusts her with a contract of this magnitude makes her feel appreciated. On the other hand, the client's pursuit of profit at the expense of numerous workers does not fit with her strong sense of morality.

Clarifying motivations, enabling self-guidance

However, simply clarifying the root causes of the consultant’s internal conflict doesn’t resolve it altogether. Over the course of discussions with the ID37 Master, they develop various scenarios and thought experiments that help her to become aware of her most strongly expressed motives and what they mean for her. Together they develop a solution tailored precisely to her personality: In the negotiations with her client, she secures an exit clause. If, after a short introductory period, she finds herself unable to take on responsibility for the project, she will hand it off to a highly skilled colleague. The first week goes well. The consultant successfully carries out the project in accordance with her vision. Thus, she is able to stay true to herself, keep her own morale up and satisfy her most important client. 


Achieving business success through self-awareness 

  • For the consultant, gaining clarity about herself and the motives behind a possible solution proved valuable as she made her decision, and additionally gave her psychological support during the project’s initial days. In the future, the consultant will be able to make her own autonomous decisions and act in a self-determined manner. When forced to make important decisions, she is now able to examine her personality profile and reflect on what is important to her and what is not. 
  • The management consultant also invited her consultant colleague to undergo an ID37 personality assessment. The ID37 profile comparison showed the two experts that their personalities were highly complementary. This inspired them to consider doing a joint project sometime in the future. With their profile comparison, they have an ideal tool allowing them to deal openly with one other and to see the other’s perspective – a critical factor in their future success as a team.

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