Using the personality to trigger emotions

Integrate the ID37 personality assessment into your service. You’ll enrich your offering with a psychological component that is highly effective because it individually activates your customers’ emotions.


The personality determines the fit

With just a few clicks, your customers can create a nuanced and scientific personality profile. This helps you understand them at a deep level, and lets you offer recommendations that fit their personality to a high level.

Where can ID37 be useful?

Health & fitness

Changing behavior more easily

Healthy eating, exercise and mindfulness usually require a change in behavior. ID37 helps to activate self-motivation, with training programs created for each individual. A person’s existing resources can thus be triggered in a way that permanently changes habits. 

Dating apps & relationships

The perfect match 

Dating-service users have high expectations: They want to find the person who is their perfect fit. ID37 determines the degree of fit between individuals based on their personality traits. This significantly improves the quality of the matches, and helps meet customers’ expectations.

Job & Business matching

Better staffing decisions

HR is all about matching people with the right jobs. Intelligent matching platforms help in this regard. ID37 can help ensure that employees’ personality structures are included in this matching process. A person’s personality is usually more important to the success of their career development than is professional competence.

How it works

Integrating the ID37 personality test 

The startup process is simple, allowing you to get going immediately:

ID37 is digital and cloud-based
Secure test execution on the ID37 platform
Secure data transfer via API
Individually branded test environment 
Custom-tailored solutions as needed

Personality assessment backed by scientific excellence

The ID37 personality assessment provides precise results and meets high standards of scientific excellence. By choosing ID37, you’re enriching your offering with a component that is recognized in the scientific community and delivers stable results that you can count on.

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