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Achieving more in the new world of work

Create a positive, open atmosphere at work that fosters individual development among committed co-workers and enables teams to perform at their fullest potential. Get organizational transformation underway – from within – with the ID37 personality assessment.

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HR development

Talents develop themselves  

You can help employees discover their potential by identifying what truly motivates them in realizing their goals. Creating an ID37 personality profile brings them clarity about themselves and their own resources.  They can identify which social skills they need to develop in the changing world of work so that they can get the best results – for themselves and the company.   

Self-motivated staff development has a positive impact on:
  • Satisfaction
  • Transfer
  • Corporate success
  • Learning 
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Lead better

Lead yourself and adapt your leadership

Being a leader and coach in the agile workplace requires that you understand yourself better. It also requires that you learn to better understand your employees so that you can adapt your leadership to their needs. This helps you create an environment conducive to personal growth, ownership in the workplace and progress. ID37 is the tool you need for people-centered leadership. 

Good leadership is characterized by:
  • Empathy
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Empowerment
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Team development

Draw on diversity to develop agile high-performance teams

Whether you’re a team head, an agile team leader or a scrum master, recognizing the different types of personalities in your group can help you turn diversity into dynamic performance.  The ID37 team analysis tool lets you focus on what’s important: open, respectful communication and integrative, constructive cooperation, both within the team and with other departments. If desired, an ID37 Master can help you get things underway with team development.

Accurate analysis facilitates team management:
  • Similarities and differences
  • Self-understanding and roles
  • Team dynamics
  • Conflict potential
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Coach efficiently

ID37 Masters: Experts in motivation and performance

As a certified ID37 Master, you’ll become an expert in identifying the driving factors that motivate and demotivate people. You’ll be able to understand how these drivers work in each individual context and how they can be leveraged for improved performance. As an ID37 Master, you help people understand themselves better and maximize their potential. You also deepen your knowledge of the science behind human motivation – an essential skill to have in the new world of work.

Certified ID37 Masters are proficient in the following areas:
  • Motivational psychology
  • Personal profiles and team analyses
  • Potential-driven development
  • Practical tools and interactive platforms
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Measure the diversity mindset

Promote diversity in an open workplace culture where everyone is valued and certify your company’s progress in just a few months’ time. ID37’s go:diversity program is a digital, data-driven and practical management tool that helps your company identify the action areas that demand attention, tracks your progress and recommends measures to take. We’re ready to go when you are – right now.

Benefits of a diverse and inclusive culture:  
  • Diversity is experienced
  • Culture of trust
  • Job satisfaction
  • Employer attractiveness
  • Innovative workplace environment
  • Economic success
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