ID37 cooperates with WeightWatchers

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Cornelia Kirschke
WeightWatchers cooperates with ID37
WeightWatchers Germany and ID37 have joined forces to help WW members and others reach their health goals
Did you know that WeightWatchers, the world’s leading weight loss program, is a health program? 

WeightWatchers adds ID37 to its program

As of June 2022, WW members and others in Germany can fill out and discuss their ID37 Personality Profile with the support of a WeightWatchers Coach who is also a trained ID37 Master. Equipped with this combination of expertise, these coaches can help people build the healthy habits they need.  

WW Coaches are trained as ID37 Masters 

With specialized ID37 training under their belts, these WW coaches are IHK-certified experts not only in nutrition and weight management, they are also certified experts on inner drives, individual potentials and identifying behavioral patterns. They not only know their way around the psychology of motivation and behavior, they have the real-life experience needed to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle. As WW Coaches, they have proven success with losing weight on the WeightWatchers program and now have ID37 to help make our inner drives more readily visible.

Their task is to: 

  • Explain the personality profile with its 16 life motives
  • Make the meaning and impact of each individual expression understandable 
  • Explain recurring behavioral patterns and emotions 
  • Highlight the potential inherent to each personality

There are currently 16 WW Coaches who are also ID37 Masters, with more on the way as training continues.

The ID37 personality profile gets you on your personal path to better health and improved well-being

The ID37 personality profile is your starting point for setting healthy and realistic goals suited to your personality. During the meeting in which you discuss your individual results, your specialized WW Coach will shed light on important questions such as:

  • “Why is it so hard for me to go to the gym?”      
  • “What is a realistic goal for me?”
  •  “What intrinsic motivation can I draw upon to develop habits that will help me achieve my physical activity goals?” 

When people understand their behavior, they understand the roots of their specific challenges. With their newfound insights, they can set goals and develop habits in line – not conflict – with their personality. 

“Our cooperation with WeightWatchers goes to show once again that the ID37 personality assessment boosts the effectiveness of offers that focus on changing behavior. The fact that we have fully digitalized and partially automated our processes is a benefit to our partners.”
Thomas Staller, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, ID37 Company

ID37 aims to help people achieve greater well-being and life satisfaction through self-efficacy. This is also a key WeightWatchers’ goal. Both companies also offer their services online through digital formats. Modern and future-proofed, their digital offerings lead to faster results with greater flexibility. The two partners have already begun work on strategies for further product ideas.

Here are some testimonials by WW members regarding their personal profiles:

  • I no longer make a weekly schedule for myself. It just limits my spontaneity and makes me feel constrained. Talking to my WW Coach clearly showed me that schedules sap me of my energy. Which gets me nowhere.
  • I’ve become familiar with motivators I never thought I had. Having a better understanding of myself and my previous weight loss efforts, I am now motivated to make minor adjustments and keep going.
  • I now know why I am a frustration eater. Now I know how to compensate for this by activating other motives, which is something I look forward to.
  • I will take a closer look at and reflect upon the motives of “safety” and “revenge,” which are strongly expressed in my personality profile. My WW Coach helps me use this to develop routines that I can apply to my everyday life, which is a tremendous boost to my quality of life.

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