Team analysis

Assessment tool for teams to improve collaboration

ID37 team analysis gives you a quick visual of your team profile and individual personality profiles. As an interactive management tool, ID37 team analysis makes it easier to understand the dynamics within your team, foster communication among colleagues and cultivate greater enthusiasm.


Making a team out of individuals

With ID37, team leaders get to know each team member as an individual and the team as a whole. They turn individual performance into team performance.

Enhance team performance

Based on the ID37 personality profiles of individual team members, the ID37 team analysis tool helps you spot each member’s potential in the context of the group and create the conditions that allow everyone to deliver their best.

  • Recognize development potential
  • Facilitate training
  • Identify learning goals 
  • Promote team success

Diversity improves team success

Use our interactive tool to create your team lineup and work together with the team. Reflecting on your own personality makes it easier to strengthen your awareness regarding others. The ID37 team analysis tool helps you sharpen your eye for diversity within the team, which builds mutual acceptance and trust. And this, in turn, leads to your team’s success.

  • Bias-free communication
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Verbalize expectations
  • Open up and integrate

How it works

ID37 team development process

The ID37 team profile offers insight regarding a team’s identity and potential: You examine the differences and spot the similarities and dynamics. You then draw on this knowledge to develop team-building measures and action plans.


ID37 team analysis kickoff meeting

Clarify goals, introduce the team to the ID37 personality assessment, and explain how this relates to goal achievement.


ID37 personality assessment for each team member

Each team member takes the test and takes part in their individual assessment session.

Focus: How one’s personality effects others.


Create an ID37 team analysis 

Examine the team’s composition. Generate findings and formulate initial steps to be taken.


Initial ID37 team development workshop

Team members are introduced to each other’s profiles, developing a stronger idea of where they and their colleagues stand. They gain insight into other value-worlds, thought patterns and emotional realities.

Focus: Team members find new ways to communicate with each other. Introduce standard for ex post assessments.

An ID37 Master accompanies you throughout the team development process. The length of duration depends on the objectives.

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