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Anja Krahnert
Better relationships – the common objective of Vertellis and ID37
Love Expansion is the latest product of Dutch company Vertellis. It enables couples to improve their love relationship and eventually make them happier. Basis for the product bundle, which consists of four modules, is the scientific personality assessment ID37. It was launched at the same time in Germany and the Netherlands.

ID37 analyzes the two individual personalities in a relationship

ID37 is a scientifically based personality test that helps to understand oneself and others better. ID37 is motive-based and compiles a very differentiated personality profile on the basis of 16 life motives. The individual motive expressions reveal what is important for us, what motivates us and help to explain typical behavior patterns and recurring emotional states.

Relationships are complex because human personality is complex. ID37 provides valuable insights for couples in regards to their individual personalities. Is acceptance and recognition important to me? How important is it? How much recognition does my partner actually need?

Couples who learn to understand oneself and the other on this basis will become aware of who the other person in their relationship really is and what both need in order to be happy. But not only this: Once you reveal deadlocked patterns you will start to communicate and interact on a completely different level. To lead a fulfilled relationship means to know each other better and to want to understand each other more deeply.

Vertellis Love Expansion Pack – A gift for love

This is where the different parts of the ‘Love Expansion Pack’ come into play:

  • The ‘Love Expansion Guide’ is a digital manual offering suggestions and ideas for couples to develop their relationship considering the results of their individual needs and personalities. The digital guide was created on the basis of relationship-therapeutic findings.
  • The print journal called ‘Log Book of Love’ can be used to write down thoughts in order to reflect on them by oneself or jointly with the partner. Each partner starts the journal from their respective side, front cover or back, and they meet in the middle where they can note down the results of their ID37 profile.
  • The Vertellis classic card game ‘Vertellis Partner Edition’ aimed at couples is also part of the ‘Love Expansion Pack’.

Contents of the ‚Love Expansion Pack’

  • ID37 Personality profiles for each partner
  • Digital manual ‘Love Expansion Guide’
  • Print journal ‘Log Book of Love’
  • ‘Vertellis Partner Edition’ card game

ID37 Personality Assessment
ID37 personality assessment
The Log Book of Love and Love Expansion Guide
Also part of the Love Expansion Pack: the card game Vertellis Partner Edition

Far more than a guidebook for happy relationships

The ‘Love Expansion Pack’ is targeted at couples who enjoy to discover more about each other, who love to develop their relationship and who want to communicate more effectively and spend more valuable time together. The ‘Love Expansion Guide’– in combination with the scientific personality assessment - provides real-life ideas that go beyond the usual level of guidebooks. This is not only exciting but also highly emotional and effective.

Vertellis & ID37 - A perfect partnership

ID37 personality assessment is a perfect fit for the Vertellis community. Once you get involved in the reflexive thoughts and discussions that Vertellis’ products ignite, you will want to find out more about yourself and others. ID37 personality assessment manages to fulfill this desire. The partnership with Vertellis on the other hand enables ID37 Company to inspire more people in respect to their own personality as well as for one another while at the same time expanding into new markets/terrain. Both companies agree: The ‘Love Expansion Pack’ marks the beginning of a perfect partnership.

About Vertellis

Dutch company Vertellis strives for more togetherness, mindful living, and real connection both offline and online. The company offers card games, mindfulness journals and happiness seminars on a global scale. All Vertellis products aim at bringing people to reflect deeper, to further develop their personality and eventually learn more about themselves in order to achieve meaningful connections with family, friends and partners.

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