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New feature: Better networks better relationships

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Cornelia Kirschke
ID37 networking function
Well received: the new ID37 Network Feature & Diversity Index score
Nothing drives our emotions up or down more than our relationships. We know that we are capable of shaping relationships in order to improve them. ID37’s latest feature ‘My Network’ was developed to make this process easier. There are more functions included within the new feature. ID37 is not only a personality analysis but also a holistic approach to better understanding one self and others and to use this knowledge to make the most of it.

Brand new: ID37 Network Feature & Diversity Index score

The diversity of humans is rooted in their unique personalities. ID37 has developed new functionalities that make it easier to understand the uniqueness of others and to interact with each other. By directly comparing two profiles, the fact that we attach different levels of importance to different aspects of life becomes visible: You and your colleague, a person and her boss, a person and his life partner etc. What does this mean in regards to cooperating in the workspace or living together?

With the new set of functions, ID37 users are now able to contact anyone, i.e. friends, family, co-workers or business partners who have an ID37 profile and agree to share their profiles. ID37 calculates the so-called Diversity Index score of the two for each profile comparison. It reveals how they differ from each other and delivers an extensive description of the profile comparison. Thus forming the basis for in-depth discussions.

ID37 diversity index
The ID37 Diversity Index score: The higher the percentage, the further apart the motive expressions of two people

We as human beings differ from each other. The ID37 network feature helps to explore the differences or similarities and provides impulses to let actions follow.

ID37 diversity index
The ID37 network feature reveals the reality of the other person’s perspective

Even more new functions

  • Tips and exercises: In addition to the results and descriptions ID37 delivers starting points and exercises helping to develop relationships.
  • Chat: The new ID37 chat function allows connected ID37 users to directly.
  • Wow-Button: A single click and a few sincere words are sufficient to express appreciation for each other.

Family & Friends promotion: 70% discount for the ID37 personality test

ID37 masters and ID37 users can recommend the ID37 for family members and friends. They will receive a full 70% discount on their ID37 personality assessment and can purchase it for only €29,70 – for up to three individuals.

Friends can get the ID37 personality test at a reduced price

Why does ID37 offer this new set of features?

Good relationships are essential to our well-being. They have a positive effect on all aspects of life. To deal with ones relationships is important for all of us. The new ID37 features set contributes to this.

You don’t haven an ID37 account yet?

Get your ID37 personality test here and try out the new network feature. Connect to family, friends, co-workers and discover your differences and similarities.

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