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Learn to self-direct for personal success

By learning how to self-direct, you learn how your motives, emotions and behavior interact with each other as you train yourself to overcome specific behavioral patterns and habits. This gives you the freedom to act with greater agency in challenging situations and thereby achieve greater satisfaction and success.

How it works

Self-direction as a means to improved quality of life

Self-direction with ID37 means learning how to initiate changed  behavior and form a habit.

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Step by step to self-direction

Conducting an ID37 personality assessment is the first step in training for self-direction. The assessment gives you clarity on who you are and your satisfaction with life. Your ID37 personality profile is integral to your training for self-direction and is your lifelong navigator.

  1. Clarify personality details
  2. Identify and set goals
  3. Activiate existing resources
  4. Anchor goals in a plan of action
  5. Make new habits automatic

Most people see a successful change within 8-12 weeks. This depends, however, on your specific needs and the goals set.

A coach for every context 

ID37 Masters help people develop the ability to self-direct. They also provide support as sparring partners, helping with enacting behavioral change, personal development and carrying out change and transformation processes in organizations.

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Success Stories

ID37 personality profile in professional sport

ID37 in professional sport: Motivating the individual to increase team performance

The work of a coach in professional sport can only lead to peak performance if it is in tune with the individual personality of each athlete. An example taken from professional soccer shows how a young player was able to overcome his insecurity by applying the ID37.