Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical ID37 use cases for a Master?

In the professional world, the ID37 personality assessment tool has proved itself useful for:

  • Coaches – who help people cultivate equanimity and find balance in their lives, or achieve greater satisfaction in life. Consultants and business coaches – who assist people with change and transformation processes.
  • Trainers – who are involved in vocational training and development.
  • Trainers – who are involved in vocational training and development.
  • HR managers and personnel developers – who work on creating new recruiting processes and are responsible for talent management.
  • Executives – who want to acquire in-depth knowledge about the people in their company because they are creating new organizational structures, introducing new roles into the company or who are themselves targeting a professional change.
  • Teams – aiming to optimize team performance by taking individual interests into account.

When does it make sense to carry out an ID37 personality assessment?

People carry out an ID37 personality assessment for various reasons: They’ve realized that it helps them make progress in terms of understanding themselves better. However, they often don’t know where to begin. This is exactly where the ID37personality assessment comes in: It helps you identify where you’re at. And this is generally the first step in any process of personal development.

It may make sense to introduce ID37 in your organisation in areas such as team or leadership development.

You can find a Master here who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

How do I access the ID37 personality assessment?

Whether you are an end-user, coach or consultant, each ID37 user can register and create their own personal ID37 account. This enables users topurchase personality tests or take the test when invited to do so by an ID37Master.

ID37 Master account: Once you’ve been certified as a Master, your ID37 account will be converted into a Master account. This account contains additional functionalities, such as customer management or access to the toolbox.

How much does an ID37 personality assessment cost?

If you would like to carry out a personality assessment, you will need to create an ID37 account and purchase an assessment for € 119 incl. VAT.

Is there a volume discount for ID37 Masters and Instructors?

Business customers, that is, ID37 Masters and Instructors, choose the membership model that best fits their business. For business customers, the higher the volume, the lower the price per assessment.

We feature a flexible membership model

  • That makes it possible to switch to a different membership category at any time. The contract period of 1 year will then be renewed.
  • Additional fee-based services that an ID37 Master or Instructor would like to take advantage of can be booked as required.

 A membership term lasts for one year and can be terminated three months prior to expiration.

Which payment methods are possible?

Payment is accepted by all major credit cards and PayPal.

What’s the advantage of becoming an ID37 Master?

The motive-based personality diagnostics of ID37 are backed by science and applicable to real-life situations. As an effective instrument, ID37 is an extension of every set of tools applied in consulting, coaching or HR.

Thanks to the tool’s fine-grained results and relevance, coaches, consultants, trainers or personnel managers can quickly gain a precise image of an individual’s personality and thereby boost their consulting performance.  

ID37 leverages the benefits of digitalization to customize consulting and coaching while streamlining their associated processes.

It also makes consulting and coaching scalable, which is an asset to each ID37 Master’s business and yields demonstrable benefits for their clients. 

Each certified Master receives a certificate that they can upload digitally into their online business profiles. This underpins a Master’s competence in motive-based personality diagnostics. 

At the ID37 Campus, Masters have the opportunity to regularly take part in additional training and to exchange their ideas with other personality experts in the network through online seminars or communities. Of course, we also offer face-to-face seminars. All special offers for Masters can be filtered out at the touch of a button.

How do I become an ID37 Master?

Professionals with training in coaching, consulting or psychology and related fields as well as HR managers, executives or team leaders can expand their qualifications by becoming an ID37 Master.

With an ID37 Master certification, an ID37 Master acquires the knowledge and authorization (license) to work professionally with the ID37 personality assessment and to integrate the instrument into their own business model. Prior to training, we conduct a personal ID37 analysis with each participant in order to develop awareness of their motivational architecture and the structure of their drives that allows them reflect on this in the context of their professional role.

An ID37 Master is authorized to operate anywhere in the world.

Those who have been certified by the ReissMotivation Profiles® or as LUXXprofile Masters are automatically authorized to work with the ID37 personality assessment. We nonetheless recommend that these individuals participate in one of the ID37 Campus Events.

What are the advantages of working with ID37 for a Master?
  • ID37 Masters become part of a larger ecosystem that leverages the opportunities inherent to digitalization. Our Masters bring their own ideas and input to the ecosystem and benefit from having easy access to new business.
  • ID37 Masters use modern software for customer management, services and the comprehensive training materials. In order to realize the demand for digitalized, data-driven offerings in line with smart technologies, we are continuously at work on developing the software further and thus our offering sfor ID37 Masters and Instructors.
  • As a tool that can be easily combined with existing consulting, coaching, training or HR concepts as well as other tools, ID37 can also be integrated into existing software.
  • ID37 Masters benefit from our assessment services via free live webinars, or they can take advantage of tailored-to-their-needs fee-based assessment services with experts in motive-based personality diagnostics.
  • ID37 Masters can feature themselves on the ID37 landing page and be contacted by interested parties. They thus expand the radius of their reach and opportunity for name recognition.
What content-related support does an ID37 Master receive?

Experts with more than 15 years of experience in motive-based personality assessments are available to help with preparing ID37 profile evaluations, conducting assessment meetings and/or assessment-related projects. There are two ways to take advantage of the assessment services:

  • Free services via live webinars at fixed times.
  • Exclusive, tailored-to-your-needs services by appointment. Fee: € 45 / 30 min plus applicable VAT.

What is an ID37 Instructor?

ID37 Instructors are experience ID37 experts who train other professionals to become ID37 certified masters. We are in very close contact to our team of instructors and value the exchange with them. Together with the ID37 instructors we review our certification training on a regular bases in order to continuously improve.

ID37 Instructors offer their ID37 certification trainings via the ID37 Campus among others.

You can locate ID37 Instructors via the Master finder.

How do I become an ID37 Instructor?

ID37 Instructors are experienced ID37 Masters who train and certify other professionals in the ID37method. One’s experience in motive-based personality assessment, their professional qualifications and area of focus as well as their business model determine whether someone becomes an ID37 Instructor. Based on four criteria, the decision is made by the ID37 core team in a transparent process. There is no training to become an ID37 Instructor. 

An ID37 Instructor pays a monthly fee and is entitled to work in EU member countries as well as in European countries that are not members of the EU (e.g. Switzerland). The duration of this arrangement is unlimited, but we do reserve the right to review agreed-on performance targets annually.

How can I be sure that my data is secure?

The ID37 Company is an IT company. As such, we are committed to ensuring that our users’ information is secure. Data is collected and stored by our cloud provider in a German computer center in Frankfurt. We use a variety of encryption technologies such as HTTPS or Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) for the transmission of data. The ID37 landing page is also encrypted with the HTTPS standard.

The ID37 application is optimized for Chrome, Firefox and Safari because these browsers feature a high level of security. Edge is also supported. Microsoft Explorer, on the other hand, is explicitly not supported because it represents a high security risk.

Our experts protect our systems against crime – such as phishing and hacking – with the utmost care.

Where is my data?

We have our data securely stored in the AWS Cloud located in Germany. The data is processed in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Please visit the privacy policy of ID37 Company GmbH for further details.

Which tool do I need for online seminars?

We use the webinarplatform “Zoom”. Dial-in is convenient vialaptop / PC, internet access, webcam and headset/loudspeaker or telephone. Youcan test Zoom access here:

Some companies may have technical limitations, so we recommend downloading the software on a personal device (e.g., smartphone via app).

Support from the provider can be found via the link.

Who is behind ID37 Company?

The ID37 Company is a consulting firm specializing in personal development issues. At the heart of the company is the ID37 personality assessment, which the firm’s founders developed with the University of Luxembourg, and which is based on the latest findings in motivational psychology. ID37 identifies a person’s unique motivational structure and gets to the bottom of what drives behavior. The goal is to improve one’s understanding of oneself and others, to carry out desired changes with impact and to achieve greater satisfaction, self-efficacy and joy in attaining goals. The company offers its own digital platform with innovative tools and services that are available to organizations, coaches and end users.

Thomas Staller is managing partner and the man who got the ball rolling toward what became the ID37 Company. He is a well-established expert on personality, motivation and behavior, and one of the most experienced trainers in the field. Co-founder and managing partner is communications and change management expert Cornelia Kirschke. The third shareholder is the IT company Conciso GmbH, which oversees the technical development of the ID37 platform. Together, the partners take the ideas they’ve gathered over years of practical experience and translate them into unique learning and coaching experiences for users – and make success measurable.

We see every step as progress. If you have any further questions, please contact us.