Certify diversity progress

Those who drive cultural change for diversity forward create openness and greater job satisfaction while laying the cornerstones of economic success. This process begins with those colleagues who sharpen their awareness of how to promote diversity. Because they perceive differences and new perspectives as an advantage, they actively integrate everyone. The go:diversity program expedites, measures and certifies this change.


A lean, digital and effective diversity program

ID37’s go:diversity program is the tool you need to measure and steer diversity awareness and inclusive attitudes within your organization.

Certification program features:

  • Get going quickly thanks to short lead-in time
  • Agile implementation along a framework 
  • Digitalized tool-supported control via platform
  • Tailored recommendations for action and implementation support
  • Transparent analysis results, measurable progress
  • Fixed measurement criteria and real performance values
  • Certification upon achievement of specified performance values
  • 24-month recertification cycle
  • Simple pricing model

go:diversity grows holistically and sustainably throughout organizations and business units. The program builds on the support of management and motivates employees at all levels to take action.

Benefits of embedding diversity and inclusion holistically

Certified proof

Certification can be relevant for tenders requiring proof of diversity and in your company’s response to increasing regulations.

Economic success

Studies show that companies with greater diversity are more profitable and more sustainable.

Competitive advantage

Transformation and innovation require genuine employee commitment. An inclusive culture makes everyone a stakeholder.

Employer attractiveness

A workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion is critical to successful recruitment and retention.

The path to diversity leads through culture

go:diversity-certified companies have shown that they are cultivating diversity and inclusion in their thinking and behavior, making it a reality. This is essential to establishing further aspects of diversity within the company - e.g. gender/gender identity, physical/mental abilities, religion/worldview, sexual orientation, social background, age, ethnic background/nationality.

ID37 Company is a signatory of the "Charta der Vielfalt" (Diversity Charter) to actively foster the integration of diversity in business culture.

ID37 Company has joined Germany’s “Gemeinsam gegen Sexism” (“United against Sexism”) alliance, taking a clear stance against gender discrimination and advocating for the respectful treatment of all gender identities.  


Certify diversity: Identify and target weaknesses

The go:diversity program measurement criteria determine the need for steps to be taken in these four areas:



Management ensures that diversity and inclusion are embedded as issues in the company’s strategy and organizational processes. It thus creates the conditions in which diversity awareness and a culture of inclusion can grow.


Employees have the opportunity to contribute as individuals and develop their personalities at the workplace. The company empowers its employees to grow, and to embrace and use diversity for collaboration.


Workflows in a company are organized in ways that allow employees to experience diversity and inclusion, making this a reality that is reflected in the value creation process. Everyone feels accepted and a sense of belonging.


The company fosters an environment in which colleagues learn to deal with those who differ from them, reflect on their conscious and unconscious actions, and learn to incorporate different people and views into their way of seeing things.

Aim of the go:diversity certificate program

The aim of go:diversity is to ensure that everyone in the company is respected as an individual, feels a sense of belonging and can pursue their development without facing barriers on a level playing field.

Certification process

The go:diversity process is based on the proven method of agile project management. It focuses on incorporating lots of feedback while pushing for continuous improvement and rapid progress.

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go:diversity’s scope and services

The following services are included in the program:

Kick-off event
with staff
by experts
Licenses for the ID37
personality assessment 
Licenses to use
the analysis software

Price on request

Per-participant fees are used to calculate your costs – transparently. No hidden fees. Additional services: Training and other expert-led modules can be easily booked as add-ons..

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