Why ID37?

Use ID37 to lead a self-determined life

We want to foster forward-thinking attitudes in society. Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to pursue a self-determined life.  This means being able to act with confidence at all times – even in challenging situations in our everyday professional and personal lives – because this kind of behavior is essential to satisfaction and success in life.

We believe in democratizing personal development by creating digitalized offerings that are readily accessible, highly effective, sustainable and affordable for all. Our work is driven by the conviction that self-direction is something everybody can learn.

Every human being possesses hidden potential. The tools, services and training sessions we offer are designed to unlock this potential. We are committed to making this kind of self-knowledge available to all. Indeed, we aim to make a positive and sustainable contribution to improving how people relate to each other in society.

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Psychology meets Tech

We combine empirically grounded personality diagnostics with cutting-edge technology.

Empirically grounded personality diagnostics

The ID37 personality assessment is an instrument that draws on the latest findings in motivational psychology. We also take advantage of the opportunities inherent to digitalization as a means of democratizing personal development. After all, having the power to decide for ourselves is itself decisive.

AI-based technology

ID37 utilizes digital technology and artificial intelligence to assist individuals in assessing their personality and developing the best possible and most appropriate interventions.

Broad accessibility

Easy to understand, compatible with any device, inexpensive and available at all times.


We make diversity visible

As a signatory to the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter), we're part of a network committed to advancing bias-free work environments. Battling bias is central to our purpose as a company. Our ID37 personality profiles bring the drivers of personalities into focus and help us gain a better grasp of the differences among us. By making individuality transparent, we encourage dialogue and exchange, which creates the foundation of effective diversity management: mutual respect and appreciative interaction.

The ID37 Company has joined Germany’s “Gemeinsam gegen Sexismus” Bündnis "Gemeinsam gegen Sexismus" (gemeinsam-gegen-sexismus.de) (“United against Sexism”) alliance. This initiative, supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youth, aims to actively combat sexism. Gender stereotypes and clichés undermine the expression of an individual’s personality and violate gender equality on an interpersonal level. Firmly opposed to this, We are committed to fighting discrimination and cultivating mutual respect in a bias-free workplace environment.

The time is right

Over the course of his 15+ years of work on the motive-based personality assessment systems known as the Reiss Motivation Profile and the LUXXprofile, Thomas Staller made a crucial observation that was to change everything: As solid and precise as the tools’ results were, the world was changing rapidly, but the tools themselves lacked the innovation to take these changes into account. Today, digitalization, agility and social media are only three of several factors with profound impact on how we carry out our work and engage in relationships.

We see within these changes a variety of fundamentally new opportunities. We aim to leverage cutting-edge technology in order to make motive-based personality diagnostics easily accessible for everyone interested in exploring their full potential and taking charge of their capacity to deepen personal satisfaction.

The time is right: The value of knowledge and personal development – not material concerns – are shaping identity. New technologies make it easier to use and scale digital tools, and to improve the quality of results –particularly with regard to data assessment, which this provides a measurable added value.

ID37 Company GmbH was founded in 2019 by Thomas Staller, Cornelia Kirschke and the IT company Conciso GmbH.

The name ID37

"Who am I?" The answer to this question is the identity of an individual. And this is precisely what ID37 stands for:


Our “ID37” brand name reflects our focus on the unique identity of each individual. The ID37 personality assessment allows us to capture a person’s motivational architecture and help them make effective use of the instrument in navigating change.

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The heart of the ID37: Our team

We’ve assembled a unique team to fulfill our mission of effectively partnering motivational psychology with technology. Movers and shakers, visionaries, tech experts, scientists, psychologists, innovators, networkers and coaches do everything they can to deliver cutting-edge, needs-oriented services that deliver measurable value for our enthusiastic clients.

What our clients say

A selection of positive feedback from our clients that shows just how satisfied they are with our consulting services, projects, programs, collaborations and cooperative activities.

IT consultants who focus on people have to start doing so in their own recruiting process. That’s why we work with ID37 and thematize the life motives during our interview process. We appreciate in particular the strong commitment and innovative ideas demonstrated by the ID37 Company team.

Volker Maiborn
Managing Director, MaibornWolff GmbH

I’m a Reiss Motivation Profile Master and LUXXprofile Master but have chosen ID37 today because of the much more modern nature of its digital personality diagnostics.

Petra Kehl
Owner, chiatec.TRAINING

The ID37 is my preferred personality assessment tool because it keeps pace with the times. As management and IT consultants, we’re experts for digitalization. We can thus see the potential offered by the modern nature of the personality diagnostics ID37. We’re all in on raising the game together with ID37. It's no exaggeration to say that I’m excited about ID37 – both in terms of what it can say about an individual’s personality and the opportunities created by a digital analysis.

Thomas Gläsner
Partner, MHP – A Porsche Company

Particularly in sales, it’s important to know who you’re dealing with, what language they speak and how to interpret their behavior. The ID37 personality assessment has been a great help in terms of improving sales activity. It’s also proved invaluable to understand the drivers steering people when it comes to developing customer projects.

Mark Pelka
Chief Sales Officer at PIA Performance Interactive Alliance

The science behind ID37

ID37 is a recognized psychological model and test method developed at the University of Luxembourg in a two-year project designed to produce a model for practical application and use in research. Individual users and organizations can use the model to obtain a systematic measure of an individual's personality and understand which drives shape an individual. The ID37 personality assessment identifies those largely unchangeable and essential characteristics of a person that are independent of any situation: motives.

As one of only a few diagnostic instruments in use today, ID37 offers a standardized, objective test with highly reliable results derived from current data. The test complies with several standards and guidelines in psychology - including Germany's DIN Norm 33430 for suitability assessment and the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). The result is a top-notch personality test that's underpinned by state-of-the-art research. Individual results are so precise that they are used to make prognoses and predictions regarding behavior.

There are other personality tests that also accurately measure personality but that are too complicated to use in consulting and business environments. Others are not sufficiently anchored theoretically. As for example the MBTI, developed in the 1960’s, that is based on C. G. Jung Personality Types theory, which is considered outdated.

Other methods, such as the 16 Personalities, are using typing. ID37 on the other hand, is an easy to use instrument, does not type and is based on state-of-the art scientific methods of test development. It also includes over 15 years of practical experience with the Reiss Motivation Profile personality test.

ID37 Company is committed to the principle of transparency and is happy to disclose its quality criteria. These criteria confirm the high empirical stands met by the test.

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Download the manual for the science behind ID37

ID37 Company is committed to the principle of transparency and is happy to disclose its quality criteria. These criteria confirm the high empirical standards met by the test (English translation forthcoming).