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Die ID37 Persönlichkeitsanalyse (tr: The ID37 personality assessment) is a standard reference work for motive-based personality diagnostics. The book aims to help readers develop their ability to understand others, improve their capacity for performance and increase their satisfaction with life. Readers gain deep insights into what drives behavior, satisfaction and success – and how they interrelate. The book shows readers how to use the ID37 personality assessment in ensuring each realm resonates with the other. It contains an introduction to the assessment, but also a closer look at how it works alongside real-life examples in applying insights relating to the 16 life motives.

One of the most notable characteristics of the ID37 personalityinstrument is the great respect it shows for the individuality of each person.

The book is geared towards consultants, trainers, coaches, HR managers, HR developers and senior executives who are interested in using the ID37 personality assessment to provide custom-made support for the processes of change being undertaken by their clients and employees.

Please note: The English translation of the book "Personality Assessment with ID37 - Motivation and the Ability to Self-Direct" will be available in December 2020. Click here to preview the English edition.

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Everything from the book’s key findings to useful takeaways to the benefits of being able to examine personalities are available for free as a download.

Feedback on the book

Reading this book will help you expand your motivational-psychological horizon!

Prof. Dr. Samuel Greiff
University of Luxembourg, Head of Research Department Computer-Based-Assessment

The book serves as a reference work, a source of inspiration and an invitation to engage in self-reflection.

Clemens W. Krebs
National Sales Training Manager Coca-Cola Europe

At last, there’s a new personality diagnostic method that also considers current topics like digitalization, agile working and leadership, managers as coaches and so on. I had several “a-ha” moments while reading the book and found the examples particularly helpful.

Frank Löhr
Entrepreneur and Interims Manager Digital Business

For me as a coach, this book gives me everything I need to gauge a person’s personality. This book is long overdue. Well done!

Sandra Fuchs
HR Manager

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