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You are unique.

Your ID37 personality assessment helps you understand what drives your thinking, feeling and behavior.

Find out what drives you and make something out of it.

ID37 is a scientifically sound personality assessment. It helps you recognize what drives your thinking, emotions and behavior and what it takes to make you feel satisfied and be successful.

Your individual profile enables you to make better life decisions and navigate your way through your own identity.

Your ID37 personality assessment gives you more orientation in life:

The ID37 personality assessment will support you in all aspects of life and enable you to better master big and small challenges that life presents us with by


Bottom line:

When you know yourself, you will be better at dealing with challenges and find your way to derive greater satisfaction from life.

A test as unique as your personality


As one of only few tests the ID37 personality assessment achieves highly reliable test results. At the same time, ID37 is easy to use and understand.

Furthermore, ID37 personality assessment is based on a recognized modern test method. In contrast to for example MBTI or 16 Personalities that are based on C.G. Jung Personality Types theory which is considered obsolete.

ID37 measures personality in the most important life motives and doesn’t type. We are convinced that each personality is unique and that typology is unable to recognize differentiations.


Easy to use and understand. No special prior knowledge necessary.


Actually determines your true individual personality profile. Does not type.


Based on state-of-the art scientific test development methods.


Includes more than 15 years of practical experience with the Reiss Motivation Profile® personality test and has further developed this method.

How it works


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Share your profile with friends, family and colleagues. Exchange thoughts on things you share and where you differ.

Do your ID37 assessment now

Price: 119.00 EUR

/ incl. VAT

Get your ID37