Modern recruiting at the largest construction management company in Georgia

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Anja Krahnert
CMC is the first Georgian customer won by ID37 business partner EVA
ID37 partner Salome Argvliani has created an advanced HR concept for CMC
EVA founder Salome Argvliani has been ID37’s representative for the Southern Caucasus for the past year. Due to the Corona pandemic, activities of the experienced HR expert have been quite restricted. Construction management company CMC is now a large project win for the HR consultancy. CMC also uses the ID37 personality assessment tool. ID37 Instructor Sylke Schliep has trained three Georgian HR specialists as ID37 Masters, including Salome. 

Future-oriented HR strategy to win the war for talent

Georgian construction management company CMC plans to increase its existing 90 people team in a short time frame and at the same time internationalize the company. But as in most countries, Georgia is facing a shortage in skilled workers. Therefore, the company has assigned EVA to develop a future-proof HR strategy to identify suitable candidates and develop them into employees who are happy and willing to stay long-term.

EVA founder and experienced HR expert Salome Argvliani takes care of the project personally. Argvliani is exclusive ID37 Business Partner for the Southern Caucasus Region. ID37 personality diagnostics is an essential part of the HR concept for CMC.

“Professional recruiting does not stop with the hire of an employee. HR managers need to know what kind of personalities they are dealing with in order to support them in the best way possible during their further development. This is especially true for their day-to-day work. The ID37 personality profile gives us easy access to people and enables us to grasp them in their essence.”
Salome Argvliani, HR expert and founder of EVA

Well-versed organizational developer and ID37 Instructor Sylke Schliep conducted ID37 profiles and lead one-on-one assessment sessions with all C-level CMC managers with the goal of familiarizing them with the benefits of the personality tool. 

CMC uses the ID37 diagnostics instrument for a number of tasks in HR

  • Recruiting 
    The final selection of the candidates is based on the ‘motivational fit’. CMC HR managers together with the specialists in charge jointly define the motivational requirements for the candidates ahead of the start of the recruitment process. The ID37 profiles of the candidates give them additional information in their decision making. But not only this: Once a person has been recruited he or she is enabled to quickly fit into the organization based on the knowledge of their personality. 
  • Personnel development: Assembling temporary project teams
    To make the collaboration process  of temporary project teams more effective and productive ID37 will be used as a tool. In order for teams to work together efficiently, there needs to be a professiona fit as well as a fit on a personal level. The motive-based ID37 personality assessment is the ideal tool to create the necessary transparency in teams as it precisely distinguishes personalities. The result is a solid base for good team communication and excellent collaboration. 
  • The basis: ID37 Master Certification Program
    In order to speed up HR work with the ID37 personality tool CMC decided to skill up their HR managers with the ID37 master certification program. As ID37 Masters they are able to integrate the tool into their daily work and exchange knowledge. The certification program was conducted online and in English by ID37 Instructor Sylke Schliep. As usual in all master trainings, Sylke has taught the scientific foundation and background of ID37, the interpretation of the ID37 profile as well as how to conduct the assessment discussions with clients. As this was an in-house training, she particularly focused on the individual corporate context of CMC: Application of personality diagnostics in recruiting and assembling temporary project teams.

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