Market entry Georgia: ID37 cooperates with HR startup EVA

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Anja Krahnert
ID37 entrepreneur Salome Argvliani
ID37 partner and successful entrepreneur Salome Argvliani
EVA founder Salome Argvliani and ID37 co-founders Thomas Staller and Cornelia Kirschke met at the end of 2019 in the up and coming Georgian capital city of Tiflis. The business network of dynamic management consultant and EVA founder Argvliani reaches well beyond the borders of the South Caucasus into the German economy. Now, ID37 Company and EVA announced their cooperation to introduce and establish the ID37 personality assessment via EVA in personnel management in the South Caucasus region.

Digitization for the HR Word in the South Caucasus

EVA’s business model is very unique in the developing Georgian economy: EVA offers digital analysis services for strategic personnel management. The company offers tools that analyze single individuals as well as business processes and activities, in order to develop and optimize these in a sustainable way. All tools are data-driven and thus make performance levels visible and evaluable. They form the basis for a more effective and efficient HR management. The better the data base the lower the risk of misjudgments and unnecessary cost.

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HR startup EVA - Digitalization in HR management

EVA offers the ID37 tool and certifications – ID37 Masters from the DACH region advice

EVA is the exclusive partner for the ID37 personality assessment in Georgia. Via EVA, HR managers and coaches can get certified as ID37 Maters and work professionally with the ID37 personality tool and introduce it in companies.

Through the ID37 personality assessment HR managers receive a consistent data base in regards to the personality structure of managers and employees. Each profile reveals the intrinsic motivation and unique potential of each individual person and enables HR managers to gain better orientation about meaningful personnel development measures – digitally, individually and highly efficiently. In addition, team building processes can be accelerated and team performance can be improved systematically.

HR managers and coaches in Georgia and the region can fall back on the existing ID37 network should they decide to not yet be trained as ID37 Master. Furthermore, ID37 Masters of the DACH region offer online trainings, seminars and consulting services in order to help introduce and establish the ID37 personality assessment in the Georgian HR recruiting and talent management areas in the best possibly way.

A good example how EVA creates added value for company with the ID37 profile: In specific industries, e.g. the services industry, the understanding of service of each and every employee is crucial. With ID37 EVA offers a tool with which personality diagnostics can be conducted and managed completely digitally. Staff are lead to an improved understanding of service based on their individual motive profile and will thus create the best added value for the company.

EVA and ID37 two companies one objective: More Digitization in HR

“It is my personal mission to professionalize the HR industry in my region and to inspire companies about new technologies. ID37 as a digital tool enables EVA to benefit in better understanding and evaluating the personality based on the individual motive profile. In addition, we can draw on the long established expertise of the ID37 co-founders as well as of the existing ID37 Master network. This fits my mission perfectly”, comments EVA founder Salome Argvliani on the news of the cooperation.

“We are very pleased that EVA integrates the ID37 personality assessment in their service offering. We deliver a digital tool for personality diagnostics and a proven method in personnel management to modern companies in the Caucasus. On the other hand, we benefit form Salome Argvliani’s extensive network and will gain insight into new cultural aspects that will surely inspire and enrich our work”, says ID37 co-founder Cornelia Kirschke on the reasons for the cooperation.

Latest news: CMC is the first Georgian customer won by ID37 business partner EVA. Read more about how CMC uses the ID37 diagnostics instrument to attract and retain talent: "Modern recruiting at the largest construction management company in Georgia"

About EVA

EVA’s goal is to create a unique digital platform that enables clients from the HR industry to evaluate individuals and processes and to continuously improve both. For the start the company is offering tools in these areas:

  • Compliance with ISO 10667 1/2
  • Healthy corporate culture
  • Career development
  • Personality assessment of individuals and teams with ID37.

Salome Argvliani

Founder and CEO of EVA. Salome received a master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Leipzig with a focus on organizational processes and knowledge management. She also graduated from the Faculty of Law in Georgia. Salome has more than 11 years professional experience in Georgia and Germany. She has led many projects in companies such as Vodafone Deutschland GmbH (Germany), TÜV Rheinland AG (Germany), Comparex Deutschalnd AG (Germany), Bell Flavor and Fragrances (Germany), BDO (Georgia), c-team (Georgia), GIZ (Georgia).

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