VR Bank Nord customizes its leadership development

With nearly 500 employees, VR Bank Nord eG is one of the largest private employers in northern Schleswig-Holstein. Having undergone restructuring in 2022 that led to a reorganization of leadership levels, the bank needed to initiate a cultural shift across the institution. During the process, ID37’s personality diagnostics tool became a core element of the bank’s new leadership program.

Mirja Jessen, Personnel and Management Development, VR Bank Nord eG
"ID37 provides me with the opportunity to create tailored development paths and, for our leaders, it offers personal guidance in a rapidly changing environment. At VR Bank Nord, ID37 is a reliable component of our dynamic management development process."
Mirja Jessen, Personnel and Management Development, VR Bank Nord eG


Seeking a solution for new management positions 

As part of the restructuring process at VR Bank Nord, 15 new management positions were created that introduced a third tier of leadership. Ensuring they got off to a smooth start required working with an effective solution.


Starting strong with a new leadership program

The bank’s talent development team has been quick to develop a modular leadership program for managers who are new to the role. The 12-month program combines group training with one-on-one coaching and mentoring. It focuses on personal skills such as self-awareness, self-reflection and self-guidance, alongside agile leadership. Each participating leader is provided a toolkit of methods to help them master their role from the outset.

ID37 personality diagnostics connect people with banking

A central element of the program is the ID37 personality assessment. Certified ID37 Masters, trained by longtime consultant and ID37 instructor Sylke Schliep at VR Bank Nord, design leadership programs that are tailored to individual personality profiles. This has resulted in an effective program for developing leadership skills that incorporates individual values, promotes personal growth, and aligns with the bank’s commitment to solidarity. 


Rapid evolution of the leadership program 

The tailored-to-the-individual program has proved so successful that it has been expanded to other leadership levels and is drawing the interest of the bank’s senior managemnt as well. As a result, we see a growing demand for the ID37 personality assessment:

  • over 80% of managers have undergone the ID37 profile process
  • approx. 50% of employees have undergone the ID37 profile process

Because  ID37 helps cultivate a bias-free workplace environment, VR Bank Nord’s talent development team has incorporated the tool into leadership formats addressing intergenerational leadership and diversity and inclusion issues. 

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