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ID37 combines science-based personality diagnostics with technology
ID37 combines scientifically validated personality diagnostics with cutting-edge technology

Online personality test: Kickoff for ID37

From mobility to machine learning – innovations such as artificial intelligence taking effect across all industries are rapidly changing the world in which we live. Ideally, these innovations will improve our lives. Digitalization plays a key role in making processes faster, easier and more efficient, and in personalizing or tailoring offerings to our individual needs.

And yet there are still areas where we have yet to fully exploit the potential of digitalization. Personality diagnostics is one such area, and this is exactly what ID37 aims to change. But because personality diagnostics experts are rarely IT experts, and IT experts are rarely personality diagnostics experts, experts from both worlds have joined forces to take personal development to a new level.

ID37’s  aspiration: Think today about tomorrow’s world of personality diagnostics. ID37 is not just about personality assessment. ID37 is a holistic approach that includes practical digital tools, methods and training designed to help people better understand themselves while taking consistent and effective action in bringing about the changes they want.

With its ID37 personality assessment, the ID37 Company offers a tool that is grounded in the latest motivational psychology findings and was developed at the University of Luxembourg from 2016 to 2018 for practical application and use in research. In an effort to optimize the application, the digitalized ID37 personality assessment will at first be available to professionals only. However, by September 2019, end users will also be able to use the tool and take advantage of the full palette of services.

Use ID37 to lead a self-determined life

The ID37 Company was founded to help foster forward-thinking attitudes. Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to pursue a self-determined life. Self-efficacy means being able to act with confidence at all times, even in challenging situations in everyday and professional life – which is essential to satisfaction and success, and to bringing about sustainable, positive change to how we interact with each other.

“ID37” stands for the identity of a human being: “37” refers to 37 degrees Celsius, which is the core temperature at which our bodies feel comfortable. The brand name ID37 emphasizes a person’s unique identity, which is made visible in its basic structure by the ID37 personality assessment.

The most important facts about ID37 personality assessment, in short:

  • The ID37personality assessment is a psychological model and test procedure developed in cooperation with the University of Luxembourg.
  • ID37identifies the individuality of a personality on the basis of 16 life motives
  • ID37 explains what drives behavior
  • Verifiable psychometric data (here available in german language)
  • People are not categorized into typologies
  • Standardization process: up-to-date, transparent, extensive (N=1001), German, random selection
  • Draws on DIN standard 33430 for suitability assessment
  • Observes theStandards for Educational and Psychological Testing of the
  • American EducationalResearch Association (AERA), American Psychological Association and theNational Council on Measurement in Education.
One of the most notable characteristics of the ID37 personality instrument is the great respect it shows for the individuality of each person.

The ID37 book

“The ID37 personality assessment – How life motives impact our ability to self-direct” by Thomas Staller and Cornelia Kirschke introduces the ID37 psychological model and test procedure, and is a standard reference work for motive-based personality diagnostics. Published by Springer Verlag in January 2019 in German. The English translation of the book "Personality Assessment with ID37 - Motivation and the Ability to Self-Direct" will be available in December 2020. Click here to preview the English edition.

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