Team development with Morningstar management

Morningstar is a global investment research firm headquartered in Chicago, USA. Every year, the managers of the Central Europe region (Benelux, Germany, Switzerland) meet for a strategic offsite event lasting several days. In 2021, the leadership team will convene via an online event. The ID37 team analysis tool is helping management take stock of where they’re at and where they want to go at a special time in the firm’s development.

Christian Mesenholl, Head of Central Europe, Morningstar Inc.
You can better apply the things you learn yourself. Sternberg Consulting, with the help of ID37, guided us in determining the motivational factors that drive our behavior. This really helped us as a management team in recognizing where we’re at as individuals and as a team, and to use this knowledge in our work.
Christian Mesenholl, Head of Central Europe, Morningstar Inc.


Fostering motivation in teams

Morningstar is using the challenges faced during 2020, the year of the pandemic, to intensify global cooperation. An internal survey had shown that remote working models have affected cooperation and motivation. The firm will therefore focus on improving interpersonal relationships and team cohesion, among other things, over the next year.


Team development makes motivational drivers tangible

Team development starts with the team’s leadership itself. Morningstar’s head of Central Europe has organized the firm’s Central Leadership Offsite 2021 event around the question of “What inspires you to wake up in the morning and go to work?” The plan is to make it possible for each leader to identify their own motivations and what it takes to work together as a team so that effective solutions can then be developed for the firm’s teams in individual countries. He has therefore commissioned ID37 Master Andrea Sternberg, a consultant with global experience, to help the firm make its way through this process. 

This involves 12 managers using the ID37 personality assessment to determine their motivation profile, becoming more aware of the things that drive their behavior and emotions, and learning first-hand how the way in which they communicate and interact with others affects the team dynamic. 

Apply insights to communication strategies and team cohesion

To facilitate a deeper sense of mutual understanding among the workshop participants, the profiles of all those present will be disclosed. With the help of the ID37 team analysis tool, the managers can identify their differences and commonalities in terms of their motivational structure. Determining the deltas and areas of overlap forms the basis of successful cooperation and creates a framework by which those involved can openly address individual needs and potential problems. In a next step (transfer), the team then – bearing in mind the influence of their individual personalities and the increasing relevance of mobile work environments – develops a plan for improving communication in day-to-day management and strengthening mutual respect. Mindful communication and personalized leadership grow increasingly more important here. The Leadership Team gains a deeper understanding of its function as a role model which, combined with its awareness of the motivational drivers at work, has the tools it needs to ensure strong team performance. 


Working with motives yields an impact

With the help of the ID37 team development tool, Morningstar’s leadership team has taken a close look at motivational profiles and how they affect behavior and emotions. And their efforts are working! Team development is a successful means of strengthening the trust and workplace culture needed for successful cooperation given the new conditions at Morningstar as it shifts toward hybrid and remote work models.

Success story: How ID37 team development tool helps Morningstar

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