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Personality TEST

Personality test - Knowing yourself 

The ID37 personality test helps you develop self-awareness. It helps you understand what motivates you intrinsically – what guides your thoughts, feelings and actions. This is the first step in being able to set and then achieve the right goals. With ID37, you learn how to direct yourself and become the master of your destiny.


What makes ID37 stand out

With the ID37 personality assessment, you’re applying a test that’s been built on science. With the help of your motivation profile, you learn more about the things that make you unique. You’re also given a digital tool and access to the ID37 platform, which helps you see how you differ from others and build mutual respect in your relationships.

Self-awareness – a bespoke solution

  • Identify what’s important to you in life
  • Understand your emotions
  • Identify your development and performance potential
  • Understand your behavioral and thought patterns
  • Improve empathy and appreciation
  • Target your capacity to self-direct
Self-direction with ID37

Access all the tools through one platform

  • Digital personality test
  • Interactive assessment report
  • Interactive team analysis tool
  • Digital networking platform
  • Privacy: Users have control over their data
  • Stringent personal data protection protocols
ID37 services and features

Scientific test quality

  • Psychological model: 16 motives
  • Test procedure: differentiated personality assessment
  • 144 to-be-evaluated statements
  • No labeling-driven typologies 
  • Standardization: up-to-date, transparent, comprehensive
  • Aligned with DIN standard 33430
  • Verifiable psychometric data
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Our products and Services

A flexible approach to self-awareness

Contact an ID37 Master at your convenience or conduct your own ID37 personality test directly through our self-service option. Whichever option you choose, you’ll get your own personal ID37 account with unlimited access to your analysis report as well as ID37 services and features.

ID37 profile with an ID37 Master 

Are you looking to make a change in your life or for your business or company? Then why not work one-on-one with a professional? An ID37 Master helps you determine your unique qualities, inner drives, and how to leverage the potential in your specific motivational structures. This can be crucial to formulating a successful change process and advancing personal development.

  • Contact an ID37 Master, agree on terms and conditions
  • Recieve your invitation
  • Take the personality test
  • Meet with Master for assessment session
  • Reflect on the things learned about yourself
  • Additional consulting or coaching with an ID37 Master is available, if desired
  • Use all available services through the ID37 user account, free of charge

Price on request

The ID37 Master’s rate applies.
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ID37 profile – DIY

Would you prefer to take a DIY approach to knowing yourself better and understanding what motivates you? You can get started right now!

  • Create an account
  • Take the personality test
  • View the interactive analysis report
  • Reflect on the things you’ve learned about yourself
  • Target your capacity to self-direct
  • Use all of our services through the ID37 user account

119 €

(inkl. VAT)
Get started

Dig deeper 

If you’re interested in exploring the results of your DIY ID37 profile more thoroughly , you can book one of our add-ons.

Video analysis

Add on

In addition to the tailored-to-you interactive analysis report, we create a video in which we discuss your personality assessment.

  • Introduction to motivations and their impact
  • Strongly expressed motives are addressed
  • Approx. 20-minute video recording
  • Recording is available 48 hrs after test has been completed

75 €

(incl. VAT)
Purchase video

Assessment session

Add on

Once you’ve got your ID37 profile, you can discuss the results with an ID37 Master at any time.

  • Contact an ID37 Master, agree on terms and conditions
  • Meet with ID37 Master for an assessment session
  • Reflect on the things you’ve learned about yourself

Price on request

The ID37 Master’s rate applies.
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