Andrea Sternberg


Executive Coaching and Consulting - Start your journey to find and live your own way

Wuppertal, DE

I offer professional consulting derived from executive business background, both in management and specialist positions and from experience in various consulting assignments for individuals, professional teams and organizations.  

For me the person is always in focus. I coach individuals to develop personally and professionally and to find their own way to achieve their performance optimization.  I accord you with respect, tolerance, empathy, consistent and effective communication and engagement on your journey. This applies to the cooperation with the organization as well as with each individual.  

I take people through an organized and conceptual approach.  As banker and economist I always emphasize the entrepreneurial success.  

Now it's time to begin your journey. Who are you? What is your playing field? Why are you going there?

Andrea Sternberg

Sternberg Consulting

Im Lehmbruch 22
42109 Wuppertal
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